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"Broadband on the sell-day, the computer when the owner of an open," the network business venture by Shanghai young people are increasingly used, but on the other hand Shanghai young people to "white collar" strong sense, "leader" of the weak and lack the Pioneering the field of entrepreneurship Danpo, Shanghai youth entrepreneurship is also a major obstacle. Today the first meeting of the 11th CPPCC Shanghai address the General Assembly, the Communist Youth LeagueBuy Rohan Crone Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Youth Federation on the Shanghai youth entrepreneurship issues analysis and recommendations. "Liantan children" dug Diyitongjin venture preferred doll toy store Xu Feng representative of the Communist Youth League members at the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Youth Federation statement that the tradition of entrepreneurshipRohan Crone, Internet entrepreneurs, the concept of entrepreneurship and technology start-ups is the Shanghai youth entrepreneurship of the four main mode. One traditional business model is still the mainstream. Research shows that "starting from the stall," the low starting point of entrepreneurial practice, more than 90 percent of the 30-year-old young man. And other traditional business methods, such Rohan Gold as self-service laundries, car service, vegetables distribution base, or even earlier business, are Juequ youth entrepreneurship "Diyitongjin" good policy; doll and toy stores, beauty shops phone , Home jewelry stores, clothing stores such as mini-venture is also currently the first choice, providing language tuition, academic counselling, provision of thin beauty, fitness services, Shanghai young people are enthusiastic about the venture projects. With great Internet business venture, the market gradually appear, together with the current Internet sell the threshold is very low, the Internet business model increasingly booming, more and more Shanghai young people of all ages. "2007 China Internet Shopping Report", to the end of 2006, network operators about 150,000. Only eBay's "eBay" of the Shang Wange online shops, college students in a "personal shop" to reach 40 percent. In addition, the concept of business modemabinogi Power levelingl is rising, technology start-ups have begun to model based in Shanghai. No concept of venture capital, as long as a unique creative get all kinds ofbuy mabinogi gold resources, the city centre City 75 creative industries concentrated in the area, the vast majority are young people play a leading role. According to the city, "11th Five-Year Plan", the creative industries in Shanghai will be the focus of industrial development. Fear of failure to give up young peoplbuy mabinogi golde reluctant to venture in Shanghai to be "leaders" According to the municipal party committee cheap mabinogi goldof the corporation relevant research results show that Shanghai youth in entrepreneurship mabinogi goldthere are still some obstacles, in addition to inadequate education and training in entrepreneurship, venture capital limited access to pipelines to support youth entrepreneurship of the lack of specialized intermediary services, business information exchange channels, such as mabinogi Power levelingpoor Objective reasons, the Shanghai Youth "white collar" strong sense, "leader" of the weak, mabinogi Power levelingthe lack of entrepreneurship in the field of pioneering Dan Po, is also one of the problems. mabinogi gold Shanghai's rapid economic development, moreBuy Rohan Crone employment opportunities, the Shanghai Youth "white collar" complex heavier, used to work for the owner of the traditional employment patterns,Rohan Gold coupled with relatively larger entrepreneurial risk,Rohan Crone "Chengwangbaikou" social environment makes young people Often due to fear of failure and give up entrepreneurial choice, the Shanghai youth entrepreneurship activities not active. Findings showed that 25.0 percent of the students at schoolRohan Power leveling and Buy Rohan Gold26.3 percent of the Buy Rohan Goldventure will have young people working, but as high as 91.6 percent of youth under the age of 35 have never tried to venture. In response, the CommunistCheap Rohan Gold Youth League Shanghai Cheap Rohan GoldMunicipal Party Committee and the Shanghai Youth Federation suggested that the system should be undertaken entrepreneurship education, fostering entrepreneurship awareness, improve the entrepreneurial ability of government departments, financial institutions should provide for the youth Rohan Power levelingentrepreneurship more effective investment and financing support for the government to buy Services and market a combination of mechanismsRunescape Powerleveling for young entrepreneurs to provide multi-function, high-quality real estate services while establishing strong, long-term youth entrepreneurship Runescape Moneypolicy coordination mechanism, the Communist Youth League to support the building of youth entrepreneurship services platform to support Runescape Goldyouth entrepreneurship And to stimulate innovation vitality of the citys