Free Reward Rights License

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En cours de discussion sur la liste opensource :

I'd very much appreciate if you could please review and comment on the following draft Free RewardRights License (FRRL):

License text: Rationale:

It is in many ways very similar to (the Last Call draft of) Version 3 of the GNU GPL.

Besides having a much less ideological preamble, the main differences to GPLv3 are

1. That the FRRL is designed to support several categories of business models besides those supported by the GPL, in particular: (a) Requiring royalty payments for specified categories of commercial use. (b) Combining programs with proprietary "presentation elements" which don't affect functionality, but which, through providing different "look and feel" could improve customers' willingness to pay. [/quote]

2. Compatiblity with GPLv2 and Creative Commons licenses.

3. That the FRRL defines a notion of what it means for recipients to be "fully empowered to use, modify and convey the Work" and then defines the conditions for conveying the work in terms of the requirement that recipients must be "fully empowered to use, modify and convey the Work". I hope that this approach will make the FRRL more robust than the FSF's GPLv3 with regard to changes in the legal environment that could possibly make some now variants of tivoisation and/or MS-Novell-like deals possible. (However, since version 1 of the FRRL will allow relicensing under version 2 of the GPL, the protections in the FRRL against tivoisation and/or MS-Novell-like deals are relatively weak until most GPLv3 projects have upgraded to a later version of the GPL so that the GPLv2 compatibility can be dropped from the FRRL without losing license compatibility with the majority of active GPL-based projects.)