Chapter 9 of the East Tong (5)

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Liang Shuang Tong and on to halfway up the mountain on a platform, the platform at about 1600 square meters, is the Dalai Lama ages to watch the singing and dancing places, "Ha Deyang." This escalator and through the corridor Dasong Ge profile, then to the White House East's largest palace hall. Liang Shuang Tong and came to the White House, Tong said that as a result of the White House named after a white wall, with Tong on the White House to be briefed.

Liang Shuang Tong and along the outside of the White House "and" font of the mountains on Deng Dao mountain, carrying with them naturally Tong Liang Shuang rising all the sturdy big hand. Liang Shuang heart fibrillation you want to get rid of the hands of Tong, Tong to see the side, she saw a look of sincere, serious face, so they get rid of Liang Shuang Tong hands off the idea.

Under these circumstances, so that he can not help but think of just breaking up with his girlfriend in the near future - Secretary Maffei smoke. Maffei Secretary smoke knit the brows of a smile, Jushoutouzu, former soldiers and the screen displays of affection as if she put the film in his mind as the grassland, Si Yi driving recklessly.

Liang Shuang, it can not think for a soldier, he would have to pay so much in love at the expense of the girlfriend of six years, the family gave up a huge business, not even for Grandpa Ben Sang. Liang Shuang, but do not regret it for the people in uniform, any sacrifice, Liang Shuang that is worth. However, if there is no master Lengjian met, his life would be like another. End of the boil for two years compulsory military service, now that he's been sitting in the bright and spacious office, to a leather Chair, a good sigh of coffee or tea, serve in the beauty of the Secretary's approval under the document, in doing carefree You do Kuo Shaoye of Kenya. The fate that is the case, the decision of a sudden you can change one's life.

Liang Shuang Tong Road, feel the mood change, he stared Qiaomu: "like a girlfriend?"

Women in this area is sensitive sixth sense, Liang Shuang and there is no need to hide, and nodded.

Said a woman went so far as women than men said women should also energetically, Qiao Lian Tong's red, excitedly: "The Merry can do handsome older brother's girlfriend beam, is certainly great beauty."

If the Secretary Maffei smoke is not beautiful, and the world is no beauty, so Liang Shuang can only nod. Tong's spirit, shaking hands Liang Shuang Liang Shuang to talk about tobacco and Secretary Maffei they can get married.

On what to say, extremely frivolous young former soldiers, even though he often lead a loose life with a group of fair-weather friends, but Secretary of Maffei hand smoke is just dragging dragging, mouth kiss, but things have not developed into the most intimate level. 18-year-old, he has stepped into the barracks, the blink of an eye, he now has a 23-year-old, and the Division of Juvenile Maffei smoke when Huaqianyuexia, Liang Shuang in the memory, leaving a clear imprint.

Cardamom years of a girl outside the barracks, and so hard his five-year, Liang Shuang Maffei Secretary of smoke can say? Young girls to have a few years? And they love to talk about the so-called only sixteen or seventeen years old, just do not understand what all the Lengtou Qing, Liang Shuang, so do not blame the Secretary Maffei smoke, there is no blame on others, asks himself chose to wear this uniform?

Also in troops to the cause as no, do not want to Tanhunlunjia Liang Shuang, more importantly, Liang Shuang already for the sake of others, he is a special armed police Special Operations Group members, are faced with the task extremely dangerous The bloody task, he does not want to drag others in the infatuated girl.

See Tong Liang Shuang look bleak, so be careful: "girlfriend and the trouble?"

Liang Shuang nodded with a heavy heart, said: "The breaking up just a month ago."

"I'm sorry, I do not mean to ask." Tong said.

Liang Shuang smiled, his usual lazy smile, a touch: "It does not matter, we are not suitable for such a man to marry."

"I do what your girlfriend? Even if you have only one day of temporary girlfriend."

Liang Shuang faced numerous hail of bullets, before the soldiers and millions of girls have had dealings with, but that he met for the first time. Huang Huang his head, thought his ear problems.

"Brother Liang, please rest assured that I will not let go of your round. I do not have a small to large friends, no more boyfriend, the future will not have a boyfriend. I do not beam the military is big brother, I heard that Chinese soldiers Is the most lovely people, I just want you to meet my little desire to do so one day I boyfriend, Peiwo Wan day, so I can enjoy nowhere near enough to have a boyfriend enjoy the happiness ... ... "Oriental Tong If less, face grief.

What is this girl, and Liang Shuang meet by chance, why would say that this is the case? Liang Shuang's heart only to hard criminals, the majority of the people is not hard, especially on the pretty girl even more hard-hearted not, it may be some people said the men are Jian Gutou it. Steeped in the face of this beautiful dream most of the men's request, Liang Shuang be able to refuse it? If he can refuse, he would not Liang Shuang, but Lengjian become a master of the characters. FFXI GIL wow gold world of warcraft gold age of conan gold dofus kamas Final Fantasy XI Gil EVE ISK Warhammer online gold Twelve Sky Gold cheap Dofus Kamas Age of conan gold Kinght gold 2moons dil Cabal online alz Cabal alz 9Dragons Gold Warhammer online gold 国际机票