Address space

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Terme::Address space

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Définition:=Set of memory addresses a task or process can access, or where hardware can be find. It can be a virtual address or a physical address. The size of an address space depends on the width of process address bus and registers.

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[[Contexte_général:=The number of lines (wires) in the address bus determines the amount of memory that can be directly addressed as each line carries one bit of the address. For example, a 20-line address bus can represent the binary number 1,048,576 and reach that number of memory bytes, which happens to be the size of the address bus in the first IBM PC in 1981. The Pentium address bus is 32 bits and can address 4GB.]]

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Mots_clés::address space Mots_clés::memory address

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Traduction::espace d'adressage

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Traduction::Espacio de direcciones virtuales

Langue:=en Traduction::Espacio de direcciones virtuales