Educational Community License Version 1.0

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Educational Community License Version 1.0
V. Version:=2.0
System : System::Copyright
Domaine : Domaine::Tout
Type : Type::Permissive
Genre : Genre::Communautaire
Auteur : Auteur::??


Discussion ML OSI

Title: Educational Community License (ECL 2.0): Submission: and the submittor's summary of discussion:

License: but it's easier to read the version resubmitted here:

Comments: This license is one sentence short of being Apache. They plan to retire the ECL 1.1 when this license is approved. Brian objects in principle but understands why they're not Apache. Matt points out that implicit patent grant in "use" of 1.1 is greater than explicit grant in 2.0.

Recommend: approval, replacement of ECL 1.1